Active Minds at YU

a student-run mental health awareness, education and advocacy organization


 Our Guiding Values:

* Active Minds believes that all young adults have the right to understand their own minds

* We know that mental illnesses are real medical illnesses that are nothing to be ashamed of and shouldn’t be kept secret

* We understand the value of taking care of one’s own, and watching out for one’s friends’, mental health and seeking help as soon as help is needed

* We believe in the power of peer advocacy and the strength that young adults have to break down the walls of silence and that surrounds mental illness

Why Active Minds Is Important On College Campuses:

* Young adults aged 18-24 have the highest prevalence of diagnosable forms of mental illness at 27%

* Half of all adults with depression report onset before age 20

* Each year, eating disorders affect millions of Americans, 85-90% of whom are teens and young adult women

* 75% of patients develop schizophrenia between the ages of 15-25

* Suicide is the second leading cause of death among college students

 Our Goals:

* Increase awareness of mental health issues

* Provide information and resources regarding mental health and mental illness

* Encourage students to seek professional help as soon as it is needed

* Serve as a liaison between students and the mental health community

* Work to remove the stigma surrounding mental illness

* Work to remove the stigam associated with seeking professional help

Keep in mind, Active Minds is…
– A referral service, referring students to the schools’ counseling center services and    other local mental health services
– A liaison between students, the administration, and the mental health community
– Open to all students – whether you yourself are diagnosed with a mental illness, you    know someone who is, or you just care about the cause

But, Active Minds is not…
– A support group
– Students providing clinical services/therapy
– Meant for only psycholgy students

Active Minds at YU’s Constitution:

The name of this organization shall be Active Minds at Yeshiva University, known on campus as Active Minds at YU.


The purpose of this organization shall be:

1)       To increase awareness among YU students about issues of mental health, signs and symptoms of mental illness, and available resources in and around the YU community.

2)       To decrease the stigma associated with both mental illness and seeking professional counsel.

3)       To become a point of references for YU students for information on Depression, Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia, Eating Disorders, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Generalized Anxiety Disorder.

4)       To become a liaison between YU students and the mental health community through flyering/postering the campus with fact sheets, hosting and/or sponsoring or co-sponsoring charity fundraisers, guest speakers, and related events.


A few statistics which help to explain the importance of such an


1)       Young adults aged 18-24 have the highest prevalence of diagnosable forms of mental illness at 27%.

2)       The National Institute of Mental Health estimates that one in every five Americans 18 and older suffer from a diagnosable mental disorder in any given year.

3)       Half of all adults with depression report onset before age 20.

4)       Each year, eating disorders affect millions of Americans, 85-90% of whom are teens and young adult women.

5)       75% of patients develop schizophrenia between the ages of 15-25.

6)       Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death among college students.



Executive Board:

                The officers of Active Minds at YU shall be President, Vice President Wilf Campus, Vice President Beren Campus, Secretary, Treasurer, Research Liaison, two Publicity Chairs (one per campus), Executive Director after the first year, who shall be the outgoing president, and Chief of Staff who will be an outgoing prominent member of the board.  After the organization has been established and has experienced its first year with momentum, any member of the group is eligible to hold office.  In case of a vacancy, the executive board will elect a replacement at the next group meeting. 


Duties of Officers:

**Note: In addition to listed duties, each officer will be named “Committee Chairperson” for at least one major Active Minds event for the year.  Executive Board members will decide together who will chair what event.


President: Preside over general and board meetings; take the role of the primary authority regarding decisions pertinent to Active Minds; attend to the Active Minds email account; have the authority to deposit and withdraw funds from bank accounts; be the liaison between the organization and other related YU authorities/organizations (such as the Psychology Clubs, Counseling Center and Student Councils).


Vice Presidents: Assist the President in important decisions pertinent to Active Minds; act as primary authority regarding issues at the Office of Student Life/Affairs (reserve rooms and order food for events, sign up for banner poles, reserve tables for information distributions if needed, etc.)


Secretary:  Take attendance and notes at each meeting and report the minutes via email and/or briefly at the start of the next meeting; work with the President and Vice President to draft solicitation and thank you notes to be distributed after major events.


Treasurer:  Keep a written account of all Active Minds funds transactions; along with the President, have the authority to deposit and withdraw funds from the organizations’ accounts.


Research Liaison: Responsible for keeping up on current mental health news, nationally and with mental health organizations such as NAMI and NIMH; reporting news to group members and uploading it onto our website; ordering mental health information from NIMH.


Publicity Chairs:  Contact school and local newspapers and other publications about upcoming events; hold the responsibility for advertising to the general public (creating facebook invites, designing and hanging signs, updating the events section of our website, etc.).


Executive Director:  Assist the Executive Board and act as the main adviser to the Board, utilizing the knowledge and experience gained from being the previous president of the Board.


Chief of Staff: Assist Executive Board and act as a leading advisor to the Board, utilizing knowledge and experience gained from being a prominent member of the outgoing Board.




                Elections will be held in May of the spring semester.  For president, the nominee must be a rising junior or senior and from the opposite campus as the previous president (for instance, if the first president is from the Wilf campus, the second president shall be from Beren, and so on).  For Vice Presidents, the nominee must be a rising junior or senior.  For Secretary and Treasurer, the nominee must be a student who has spent at least one year on campus.  All other offices may be filled by a student who is on campus and at any level of his/her education.  Applications in the form of a one page personal statement/letter of interest for candidacy shall be emailed to the designated Executive Board member.  Applications will be read and discussed by every member of the Executive Board.  Officers will be elected by simple majority as voted on by the Board.  In the event of a tie, the Advisory Board will cast their votes.  If a tie subsequently exists, the out-going president determines the winner. 



                Active Minds is open to all members of the YU undergraduate community, including students in YC, SCW and SSSB.  Each member is required to register with the Executive Board via facebook to be added to the standard guest list for events and for the email listserv.

                Committees may be created as necessary by the president for specific events/projects.  Any active member may be selected as a committee chair if no board member is acting as such.  Committee chairs are appointed by the president and will coordinate the planning and execution of the committee project.  Any number of active members may be on a committee.



                There will be no dues.  The President or Treasurer will authorize expenditures.  Active Minds at YU is seeking financial support from the student councils on both campuses as does any organization on campus.  If Active Minds shall hold an event that requires extra funding, a meeting will be set at such time with the Office of Student Affairs and The Counseling Center.



                Executive Board meetings will be held every week.  Open board meetings will be held every other month.  Meetings may be held more often as the president deems necessary. 


Amendments to Constitution/Bylaws:

                Amendments may be proposed by any active member at a meeting.  If seconded, the amendment will be voted on at the following meeting.  A two-thirds majority is required to pass the amendments.


                While maintaining strong relations with the Counseling Center at YU, Yeshiva Student Union, Yeshiva College Student Council, Stern Student Council, The Office of Student Life, National Alliance for the Mentally Ill (NAMI), Mental Health Association, and National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), we are an independent organization, affiliated only with the national headquarters Active Minds, Inc. (Washington, DC).  We are currently one of only a few student-run mental health awareness groups on college campuses in the nation.


Non-Discrimination Clause:

                Active Minds at YU does not discriminate on the basis or race, ethnicity, religion, national origin, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, political affiliation, or disability.  Active Minds at YU welcomes a diverse membership, as all experiences and perspectives are appreciated and respected.



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