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a student-run mental health awareness, education and advocacy organization


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Upcoming Events: TBA

Past Events:

Giving a Face to Mental Illness: YU Students Speak Out- On May 10th at 8:30 pm in FH501 hear a few Yeshiva University students tell their story of mental illness. A few brave students will discuss their unique relationship with mental illness and explain how they live with their disease. About 200 students attended this event!

Active Minds Shabbaton: The weekend of April 30th there will be a shabbaton at Beren Campus.

Social Interactions: On April 13th at 8:30pm in the Sky Cafe, we will have a speaker who will ask several students to act out scenarios like mental health situations, roommate conflict, etc. He will then discuss how to properly deal with those situation.

Abusive Relationships: On March 3rd at 8pm in Weissberg Commons, Naomi Ackerman will perform her monologue entitled, “Flowers Aren’t Enough,” which deals with physical and emotional abuse in relationships. About 100  students attended this event!

Relaxation Workshop: Join us for a workshop on MEDITATION and RELAXATION with renowned mindfulness meditation teacher JON AARON. The workshop is on WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 23rd at 8pm in FURST HALL, ROOM 535. You’ll leave feeling re-focused and re-energized!

Stress Management Workshop: Join us December 16th for a stress management workshop with Dr. Pelcovitz at 8PM in Furst 535.

Understanding Bipolar Disorder: Come watch the Boy Interrupted documentary about living with bipolar disorder. Participate in a discussion and Q&A afterwards with Dr. Nissel, executive director of the counseling center. The event will take place on Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009 at 8:15pm in Furst Hall 501. There is a shuttle leaving the Beren campus at 7:15pm and 7:30pm. Refreshments will be served! Over 100  students at this event!

Active Minds Kick-off Event: Join us on Monday September 14, 2009 at 8:00pm -10:00pm at 36th street Residence Hall, Back Lounge. It will be an event where students can chill with friends in a relaxed environment; enjoy some food; learn more about mental illnesses and how they can help friends who might be in need. Taco bar and wings will be served!

Coffee House Event:
Our kick-off event! This will be an awesome, informal event hosted in the back lounge of the Schottenstein dorm on 29th Street. At the event, there will be FREE Starbucks coffee, FREE popcorn from Dale and Thomas Popcorn, chill music and LOADS OF information about mental illness. The event will be held on December 24th from 7pm until 10pm. WE HAD CLOSE TO 200 STUDENTS AT THIS EVENT!!!

Just Relax: On Sunday, January 6, come join YCSC, YSU, SSSBSC, Active Minds and The Counseling Center from 4pm-7pm for an evening of relaxation, featuring massage therapists, clips form Jay Leno and relaxation sessions with Counseling Center Staff. Fruits, snacks, water, tea, and hot chocolate will be served!

Perspectives on Suicide: Mental Illness on College Campuses:
On February 5th, Active Minds will be hosting a mental illness and suicide forum featuring a short documentary called “The Truth About Suicide” followed by a panel discussion led by YU Dean of Students and psychiatrist Dr. Victor Schwartz, Founder and Executive Director of Active Minds, Inc., Alison Malmon, and the Director of the YU Counseling Center Dr. Chaim Nissel. These speakers will offer a variety of perspectives on mental illness and suicide. The discussion will conclude with a moderated (and anonymous) question and answer session, so please bring your questions! This event will be at 8:00pm on the Wilf campus in Furst Hall room 501. NEARLY 70 STUDENTS SHOWED UP!!!

Movie Night: Come join Active Minds at YU on February 28 and watch “Thin” a documentary about Eating Disorders. This event will take place from 7:00 to 9:00 pm on the Beren Campus in 215 Lex, Levy Lobby. Light refreshments will be served. 50 students came out for this event!

Eating Disorder Speaker: Come hear Aliza Stareshefky’s story about her struggles with an eating disorder on March 3rd at 8:00 pm on the Beren Campus in 245 Lex, rooms 101-102. Light refreshments will be served.  Close to 70 people came!

Understanding Bipolar: Come join Active Minds at YU on March 25 at 8:00 pm on the in the Furst Hall 214 on the Wilf Campus and watch “Understanding Bi-Polar Disorder,” a documentary about living with bipolar disorder. Light refreshments will be served. Around 30 students attended this event!

De-Stress Day at YU: Join Active Minds, YSU, YCSA, SCWSC, IBCSC and The Counseling Center in Tenzer Gardens (between Belfer Hall and the Rubin Dorms) on the Wilf Campus for a BBQ and an afternoon of fun activities to help us all destress from a hard semester.  You won’t want to miss the extravaganza!  We’re bringining in the bands Reality Addiction and Gavriel Kahane!  SUNDAY April 13 from 4pm-7pm.  Close to 300 students showed up!!

Schizophrenia Event: Come join Active Minds for a documentary about Schizophrenia followed by a panel discussion with our very own Counseling Cetenter representatives: psychiatrist Dr. Risa Koren, and psychologist Dr. Yael Muskat.  This event will be held in the Levy Lobby on Wednesday, April 30th at 8pm.  Light refreshments will be served.  Around 25 students came to this event!

Please keep your eyes open for signs and posters bearing information about our upcoming events!!!

We appreciate your patience as we populate our website with more information.

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